Who we are
It is God’s calling that Eddie heard in 1996 to establish a business of abundance based on a concept “Jesus is Boss”.   To glorify God in the commercial world did take some time.  After twelve years of trails JIB Ltd was founded in 2008.   Nowadays we are thrived with a team of more than fifteen partners working closely together.


To connect people with entrepreneurial spirit, kind heart and competence to become the best tile solution provider for customers and to create abundance in life based on the belief “Jesus is Boss”.


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    For customers we provide the most valued-for-money tile solutions in order to bring better greater benefits to the marketplace.

    For working partners we provide a valued career platform in order to create abundance in their lives.

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    For Jesus we serve with valued business strategies in order to demonstrate abundance to believers in the workplace.

    Our Team
    Our Tile Specialists have 10 years of industry experience on average.  All of them have a warm, friendly, helpful personality passionate to serve.  They are equipped with professional knowledge, and are trained regularly on various topics locally and overseas.

    J Power is committed to be a platform of abundance to support everyone on the team to live a rewarding work life, and to achieve their dreams, including happiness, returns, growth, achievement and spiritual well-being.

    We highly value teamwork and yet respect the need of each individual.  We have withstood the test of time and numerous obstacles.  In result we have fostered a culture of strong bondage and mutual support.  This is the spirit of J Power.

John 10:10 [kjv] "I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have it more abundantly."
J Power - dream . design . deliver