1. 1. What is your QC process?
      Before delivery
      Our factory will check the quality before products leaving factory and our local QC staff will double check before delivery.
      After installation
      Our Specialists will arrange a site visit to check the effect after application.
  1. 2. Why is there variation of color and size in each piece of tile?
      Tiles are formed under high heat and there might be slight variation in color and actual size even in the same batch.  The QC system has ensured each batch of delivery is within industry tolerance of color and size variation.  Some degree of variation is not treated as a problem but a deliberate attempt to create natural effect.
  1. 3. What is your replacement policy?
      We offer 14-day replacement guarantee for the same item bought if the quality problem is proven to be factory defects, e.g. cracking, and not caused by personnel involved after delivery.
  1. 4. Can I replenish order if I find short of quantity?
      We order replenishment only in quantity of a complete box set. Please contact our Specialists for actual quantity per order.
  1. 5. Do you do special order/sourcing?
      We help customers source for dedicated items. You can contact our Specialists for enquiry.