Our Service Cycle
We take every step professionally to ensure two things for our customers - an enjoyable buying experience and peace of mind in the process.
Who will help me in the selection process?
Our specialists have more than 10 years of tile experience on average and they are well trained in product information and proper application. We can assist you with design concepts and product coordination especially when you do not have a designer.
If you have your designer with you, we can coordinate with your designer to achieve your overall design concept.

How do you help me to select the tiles best suitable for me?

According to your style, application, budget and time of delivery, we create your personalized design by providing:

A Wide Range of Products

Ceramic Tile


Glass Mosaics

Hand-made Tile

Floor Heating System



A Wide Selection of Price Categories
We are able to offer a wide selection at every price point easily fitting your budget. You can also Mix and Match with items at different price point to create an end product looks much more expensive than the actual cost with the help of our Specialists.


3D rendering
We provide free 3D rendering to help you better visualize the design in case you need